It's Time to Winterize

Well we all know the annual sadness we have as fall approaches and we get our last few days in our Boats and RVs, but with winter right around the corner now is the time to clean and winterize our favorite vehicles and vessels.

FACT: Stains don’t get better with time

Winterizing doesn't have to be hard... especially if you put some Pride in your baby... GRAMPSTR'S PRIDE that is.... RENEW will take the stains right out of the fiberglass and stainless steel and our RESHINE will leave your baby a shine that will let her know you love you her throughout the winter.  If there is one thing for sure you don't want to leave that head stinky and REACT is just the product to help.... at the end of season put about 3-5 OZ of this stuff in your toilets flush and over the winter it will help clean your lines and tank leaving you with a fresh smelling head come the spring boat season.

And heck we all have clothes to wash our REFRESH will leave your clothes clean and fresh with no harmful chemicals.  This is defiantly the way to go. And at $5.99 a quart you're definitely going to be saving some money!

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