About Us

Our Mission

We are Grampstr's Pride, LLC a biodegradable cleaning supply company headquartered in Elizabethtown, PA. We realized the cleaning solutions and stain removers available for boats were not environmentally safe and caused undue harm to the waterways we enjoyed.  We set our mission to be to find a way to clean our boat at an affordable price and save the environment. 

Although we have pride in our marine heritage, we quickly realized that our you can use our products on Boats, RVs, Cars, Trucks, Air Craft, and the Home.

We look forward to serving your cleaning needs.  Please check out our product pages and our blog for some extra detailed information, testimonials, and demonstrations.

Our mission is to provide affordable environmentally safe, eco-friendly cleaning products that are effective and easy to use in marine, RV, aviation, automobile, and home settings.

We believe that environmentally safe does not have to mean extremely expensive.